The Candyman Suspender Thong is Lacy, Racy and Sexy as Fuck!

A perfect fit for the guy who craves the naughty look of Men's Lingerie. The minimal coverage on the back makes it comfortable to even wear with your pants. This provocative style features a wide elastic waistband and see-through lace that's contoured for a supported feel and enhanced profile. 

Lateral straps simulate garter belt. Cheeky heart cutouts can be found on the front & back. Scroll down to see some of our top influencers wearing this provocative and extremely sexy pair of Men's Lingerie!

lingerie made for men

Candyman's mens's lingerie is made specifically for men, allowing the appropriate space for your bulge, as well as contouring that fits around your bubble-butt!

This is such a great product! Amazing to wear and I must say it is very comfortable, damn sexy and am proud wearing it! I bought the red one and I am thinking of adding the black one in my collection. MpireMen, thanks for such an amazing and quality product for us, MEN!

by Syafik - Singapore

experience the luxury of lace

Mpire influencers


American model, actor, and dancer. He has been described as "the poster child for the modern male underwear model". He is a regular performer at The Abbey, a gay bar and nightclub in West Hollywood, California. 

We were lucky enough that the young and talented photographer Ian Argo captured Steven in these iconic CandyMan suspenders.   

INSTAGRAM:  @theonlysteven, @argonianphotography


Born in Ontario and now residing in Quebec, Skyy Knox brings arresting, exotic, movie-star looks along with a tan, chiseled and statuesque physique that will have fans’ mouths watering. He puts his outstanding bubble butt to good use looking incredible in the CandyMan Suspender Thong! 

If his inviting bedroom eyes and beaming smile don’t charm the pants off of you, his warm and affectionate personality will. 

INSTAGRAM:  @skyyknox


 Diego is a Brazilian born Instagram celebrity living in London. He runs Coconut Supply, a sexy men’s underwear and apparel line. 

He also has several social media accounts (each with hundreds of thousands of followers) in which he poses shirtless, in skimpy undies and swimwear, and often nude and aroused!  

INSTAGRAM: @diego_rodrigob


François Sagat, the French male gay pornographic film actor, model and director needs no introduction! His famous ass has been gracing our screens for the last decade. Check out his Instagram for loads of spicy pix and vids of Francois in all sorts of sexy underwear.  

INSTAGRAM:  @franciosssagat


Chicago based Fitness model Wade Smith has a body built like Greek God and the thighs to go with it! With chiseled perfection and a boy next door look, Wade makes any pair of underwear look worthy of a deity. Ian Argo had the pleasure of shooting Wade in our best selling CandyMan Suspender Thong. You will have to follow his OnlyFans if you want to see the backside ;-) 

INSTAGRAM:  @wade_smith9, @argonianphotography

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