Matt's Top 5 Jockstrap Essentials: Summer 2019

Matthew Desmarais

Owner & Founder Mpire Group



I think its only fitting to start off with stating, "there is no better single pair of underwear a man can own other than a jockstrap!" A bold statement, perhaps, however being a self-proclaimed underwear expert I can honestly stand by this statement with absolute confidence and integrity. Let's face it, what's not to love about a pair of skants that purposely reveals your bare butt, whilst still supporting the crown jewels and keeping everything propped up and tight!? 

My personal journey into the wonderful world of Jockstraps wasn't entirely born out of the fantasies of Falcon's Ken Ryker relishing locker rooms across North America in the 90's. No no, I have genuine anatomical reasons as well. Being blessed with a big booty, bubblebutt, bodascious (whatever the current lingo it today), I really needed a pair of tighty whiteys that set my booty free, give it the space it deserves, especially in the gym. So I ordered my first 'Bike' swimmers Jock online and henceforth my addiction was sealed, Jockstrap or nothing. 

 This blog post is a first of a series of articles looking at my personal top 5 Jockstraps, Briefs, Trunks, Thongs, and Lingerie for 2019. Being a Men's Underwear Store owner these are the kind of things I need to know surely. In each article, I'll give my top 5 recommendations (in no particular order). If you are the Underwear Lover portrayed in your Instagram feed, then these are ALL must-have items to add to your Underwear Drawer in 2019.


No self-respecting man's wardrobe is complete without a simple sleek black Jock. This is, for the most part, the Gold Standard for the Metro or Millenial male. One can never have too many as these will form the basis of even a novice collection. 

Three pairs is a nice round healthy number and should guarantee you never face the crisis of 'no clean jocks in the drawer' (trust me, this is a thing). I prefer this style of jock to have a narrow waistband and of course a super comfortable pouch. What I really love about this ErgoWear EW0201 jock is that the pouch is made from fantastic microfibre fabric (we love microfibre) and gives your junk just enough support without any squeeze. 

ErgoWear is also pioneered on their dedication to ergonomically shaped underwear that's been perfected over the years. This fine little number also gives your manhood a very impressive appearance without any additional padding or annoying little flaps inside. Let us not forget about the rear aspects of this jock, after all, that's the reason you buying a jock right?! The simple black on black rear straps do a perfect job of giving your bum a bit of perk whilst framing that iconic bubble butt you've been squatting all your life to achieve. 

 This Jockstrap is really a work-horse; easy on, easy off (very important). Sexy, super comfortable and confident. Whether you're in the office, at the gym, on a date, or just simply lounging around the house, this is definitely my go-to choice.


I really had to include this jock as I can say, without fault, that it looks fucking fantastic on every guy I recommend it to, no jokes. Even if you're not really into the more flamboyant styles available these days, this jock has a sporty-meets-sexy style that is just so flattering. 

What I love about this CandyMan jockstrap are the thin straps that hug the base of your butt, surprisingly giving just enough support for even the most bootylicious of booties. I have yet to see an ass that this little red devil does not do justice to (and I can assure you I see many asses in my line of work 😆). CandyMan is nortiously inventive with their quest to make masculine garments with fabrics and styles previously exclusive to women's lingerie. Somehow they usually pull it off with great success, and this Jock is definitely no exception. 

I'm sure you won't need to stretch your imagination too far to visualize your partners face looking back up at you when you drop your pants to reveal this beauty...😈


Clever has long been one of my favorite brands for not just jocks, but all men's underwear. At least three to four times a year they launch fresh new designs and styles. However there is a catch, whilst they have a basic core range that is always available, the more intriguing and interesting designs are only ever produced in one run. On the one hand, it's great because your collection has a definite sense of exclusivity, however not so great if you wake up at the last minute, as once the stock is out, IT'S OUT! 


So my thumb rule with Clever Underwear is simple; if you see it and you like it, buy it. Shoppers regret is an awful experience. Okay, so this Jock is aptly named "Reaction Jockstrap", and let's face it, you will always get a reaction when you're sporting a sexy pair of undies with a giant cock on it. That's really enough motivation for me to add this to my Top 5 Jockstraps of 2019 list, but for those who need a little more convincing here's the low down. Clever has produced a hybrid style with what looks like a low rise brief in the front gives way to a sexy, open-air jockstrap in the back. 

 The fabulous "Reaction" retro print is also continued around the back, again mimicking a traditional brief making this a very comfortable and classy jock. You can never go wrong with the quality of Clever's underwear, amazing fabrics put together really well and made to last.


JOR, our South American friends in Colombia, rarely let us down with their extensive range of men's underwear, swimwear and gym wear. 

Over the past decade, I've witnessed the rise of mesh fabric in men's underwear and all I can say is, thank the fuck! Oh I do love mesh! I mean, what's more sexy and confident than the subtle reveal of your amazing bulge in semi-transparent fabrics? Women have been seducing men for decades with this classy display of fashion voyeurism. 

 If you're not quite ready to dive into the erotic world of Men's Lingerie, but still long for something sensual and revealing, then this jock is absolutely for you. It's masculine, suggestive, comfortable and actually rather athletic. For the purpose of diversity, I'm suggesting the white variant however, this jock is also available in black and navy blue. 

 Men's mesh style underwear is certainly not going away anytime soon, so I would suggest exploring designs from JOR, CandyMan, PPU, and Pikante.


From time to time a company will produce an item that really sits in a league of its own. The PPU Multi-Strap Jockstrap is one of these and a true Master Piece. Who would have thought such a complicated garment could be so damn comfortable? Not to mention probably one of the sexiest designs I've ever seen in the world of jockstraps! It is by no means a new contender but is essential to any Jock collector. Ultra sexy is probably an understatement (in my opinion of course 🥴). 

So what makes this such a winner in Matt's books? Firstly the quality is unmistakable. From the moment you hold this small piece of heaven in your hands, to the point when a network of straps bounces into place cupping the contours of your perfect naked ass, you just know you've stepped into pure indulgence. It's like a fancy dress for your butt. You will feel like a boss, that a promise. The silver ring detail on the rear, directing the various straps around your hump, also gives you a feeling of luxury (with a slight S&M twist). 

PPU make a few variations on this design, the 1305 Multi-Strap being the most popular. If you don't have one of these, you really need to re-evaluate your dedication to your Underwear Collection, as this is most certainly a MUST HAVE for 2019, and hopefully for many years to come. I will caution you though, this particular style does demand a certain level of booty elitism! You would need to be anything from an athletic 6 through to a porn star 10 so successfully yield the power of this Super Jock 😆


As far as Jockstraps go, this is my essential list for the for 2019 (I will update this post should a new contender arrive on the scene). If you're serious about your jocks then these are all imperative to your collection. 

Each pair has a particular place in your arsenal of booty tricks and tips. Please feel free to add comments to this post or ask me any questions and I'll do my best to get back to you. 

Lastly, all hail the Jockstrap 🙌🏽 

Now and forever. 



Matthew Desmarais

Owner & Founder Mpire Group