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BRAVE PERSON UltraTouch™ Bulge Brief


BRAVE PERSON presents UltraTouch™ Bulge Brief . Created from a velvety indulgent fabric with an incredibly sensual touch to the skin. UltraTouch™ is incredibly comfortable and features all the usual body hugging, muscle bearing sexiness the BRAVE PERSON brand has to offer.


For guys that are hung! This pair of briefs has a roomy pouch to hold your jewels in place without squeezing. If you have ever felt that conventional underwear doesn’t have enough space for your boys, these are for you! Elastic cotton is perfect for everyday use. Lifts your package to create more bulgy look.

Material: Cotton
Color: White/Black/Dark blue/Light blue/Light green/Purple gray
Size: S / M / L
Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Spandex
The Function: Breathable. Dry fit


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